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by Jamie Nunnelly

Kitty Mecham loves art. When asked what her favorite medium to work in is, she laughed. “I have a short attention span, so I work in all mediums, like silverwork, painting, glass,” she said. “It makes Liquidambar Gallery and Gifts the perfect outlet for creative energy.”

Liquidambar Gallery and Gifts, the art gallery and gift shop she opened with her husband, John, in 2010, is located in the heart of downtown Pittsboro. Shoppers can find photography, woodwork, fused glass, watercolor, handmade jewelry and so much more from 85 talented artists, including Kitty and John, who are both artists.

Every month, Liquidambar Gallery features a 2D artist and a 3D artist, displaying his/her work at the front of the gallery. On First Sundays – the street festival hosted by the Pittsboro Business Association on the first Sunday of each month – Kitty and John host a reception to introduce the new artists.

“The featured artists’ receptions are a fun way to let customers meet the artists,” Kitty said. “We have live music and snacks, and want people to have the opportunity to connect with the art and artists.”

Prior to owning the gallery, Kitty was a project manager for an architectural firm. John is a biology professor at Meredith College. He is still teaching in the summer, but recently stopped teaching during the fall and spring terms. The Mechams love living in Redbud, a nature conservation neighborhood in Chatham County. Rather than spend time watching TV, they work on their art projects, swim, and spend time with their dogs Mr. Neville and Kiko, both rescues. They also love to listen to and play music.

Kitty and John, and their family spent time in Kenya while John taught at Kenyatta University College. They have also enjoyed traveling to places like Scotland and Italy. Kitty’s biggest passion, though, is art and the studio and shop that let her enjoy art each day.

“Each piece of art in Liquidambar is one-of-a-kind,” Kitty said. “There’s something truly special for everyone to enjoy.”

Liquidambar Gallery and Gifts is located at 80 Hillsboro Street in downtown Pittsboro.
Visit Liquidambar Gallery and Gifts online for store hours, featured artists and upcoming events.

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