Ponderings About Pittsboro Local Restaurants

by Main Street Pittsboro

They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking in their pantry and refrigerator. We think that you can also tell a lot about a community by looking at their local restaurants. If you do that in Pittsboro, North Carolina, you’ll notice our dependence on locally grown and raised food. With the Chatham Mills Farmers’ Market and Chatham Marketplace, there is no limit to fresh ingredients. Our local restaurants and home chefs can easily prepare healthy and tasty dishes given these farm-fresh offerings.

An exciting thing about our local restaurants is that they each take our local ingredients and put their twist on them. For example, Angelina’s Kitchen on Rectory Street is a scratch Farm to Fork restaurant offering Greek and New Mexican cuisine. Another example is Copeland Springs Farm, located at The Plant, with its farm and kitchen. For a sweet treat, check out Willy’s Cinnamon Rolls, Etc. The fresh products used in the baked goods make a real difference.

Not only will you appreciate the flavors and charm of Pittsboro local restaurants, but you have the pleasure of knowing you are supporting our local economy and keeping our community’s unique character alive. Eating and shopping local is the best way to protect the unique flavor of downtown Pittsboro. The Main Street Pittsboro program is designed to build a stronger community while retaining the charm we all hold dear. We are dedicated to helping our downtown rebound from the loss of local businesses over the past few years and capitalize on our unique assets to retain remaining businesses and attract new ones that fit in our unique dynamic.

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