Local Events of Pittsboro’s Past

by Main Street Pittsboro

It has been a challenging year not only in Pittsboro, North Carolina but across the country. Local events have been few and far between, with those that did occur quite different from the past. As we look forward to having local events again, it can be fun to look back at some notable moments in our area’s history. Main Street Pittsboro has changed a bit over the years, but its incredible culture will always be alive with promotional and advocacy efforts.

In 1829, George Moses Horton published a poetry book, The Hope of Liberty. This was no small undertaking as he had only learned to read and write the year before. There is a historic marker on US 15/501 commemorating him as an accomplished poet. His was the first book by a Southern black author, quite an accomplishment despite living as a slave much of his life. You’ll find a book about him at local bookstores, “The Black Bard of North Carolina: George Moses Horton and His Poetry.”

In 1886, the most discussed event was the completion of the Pittsboro Railroad, linking Pittsboro with Raleigh. It was a well-attended grand opening event with the largest crowd that the area had ever seen. The railroad was a significant contributor to the development of Pittsboro.

Pittsboro is no stranger to traditions. Our farmers’ market, Holiday Parade, October Street Fair, annual County Fair, and annual tree lighting are all local events we anxiously await each year. As a Main Street America Affiliate™, we will work tirelessly to preserve our town’s traditions while building a stronger community that will be a source of pride for generations to come.

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  1. Andrea Ward June 8, 2021 at 11:30 am - Reply

    These are all wonderful celebrations of downtown Pittsboro. When can we look forward to First Sundays Market returning? This was such a great way to allow local entrepreneurs and artists to get exposure, encourage locals to check out downtown businesses, and promote community interactions. It’s really sad that it hasn’t returned yet.

    • Main Street Pittsboro June 16, 2021 at 6:07 pm - Reply

      First Sunday is hosted by the Pittsboro Business Association which is planning to resume the event on August 1, 2021. We can’t wait! Hope you’ll join us.

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