Hurricane Florence Preparedness Measures

Inclement Weather Operations Plan
Hurricane Florence, September 2018

Mission Purpose: Hurricane Florence is a significant weather event that is predicted to impact the southeastern Unites States beginning around September 12, 2018 and could affect central North Carolina as the storm moves up the east coast. The current weather predictions are not certain enough to determine the impact of this weather event in the Pittsboro area. The Town needs to be prepared in case the storm does impact central North Carolina since there is the potential for significant rain, strong winds and adverse weather conditions. This could create problems in our community. The Town of Pittsboro has the responsibility to provide the best possible services during adverse weather events while insuring for the safety of its staff. Several town departments are preparing as much as possible to continue to provide essential services to our community. Interim Chief Roberson will be in communication with the Emergency Management Director and other County Service organizations where preplans were made in the event the Emergency Operations Center needs to be activated. The following is a summation of the Town of Pittsboro’s preparation for this event.

Interim Chief Roberson will continue to coordinate with Emergency Management officials and will oversee coordination between them and the Town of Pittsboro as needed.

Pittsboro Police Department
The Police Department will continue to patrol the town. PPD staff will respond to emergencies and calls for service as dispatched. Officers will be visible to the public and monitor the weather, traffic and other conditions. Officers shall respond accordingly to all events. PPD staff will:

  • Coordinate with the Emergency Operations center and other agencies to provide essential services to all members of the community.
  • Provide visible presence and security to the citizens.
  • Respond to calls for service and other events as needed.
  • Gather intelligence and information on events and hazardous situations.
  • Assist with any other law enforcement duties as circumstances determine.
Pittsboro Water Plant and Operations
The Pittsboro Water Plant has prepared for an adverse weather event. Appropriate staff are prepared to respond if the need arises to keep the plant operational to provide services.
  • The water plant has a permanent generator in place as an alternate power source in case of a loss of power.
  • The water plant director has a generator available for the raw water intake so we can continue to produce water.
  • We have advised the county manager’s staff that we should have potable water available if the need arises for emergency distribution.
Pittsboro Public Utilities
The utilities department has prepared for possible complications from rainwater and storm debris. The public utilities director has:
  • Staff available for call back as needed for damage mitigation.
  • All available equipment is ready and accessible for immediate deployment.
  • The closure and detouring of any areas that become flooded or obstructed.
  • The removal of debris from town streets and essential services (i.e. Fire Dept., EMS, etc.).
  • Assisting other town, county or state organizations as needed and approved.
Wastewater Treatment
The Wastewater Treatment plant will be monitoring weather conditions. If there is a heavy amount of rainfall this could cause a large capacity of wastewater due to influx. The wastewater staff are preparing in case the need arises. State of Emergency
If needed, we will ask Mayor Perry to issue a “Declaration of a State of Emergency” under NC G.S. 166A-19.22. If a state of emergency is declared appropriate town staff may receive additional instructions from the Town Manager, Chief of Police or his designee.
Special Notes
  • This plan will remain in effect until the weather threat has been eliminated.
  • If needed, Chatham County will open shelters – Northwood High School is the designated emergency shelter for Pittsboro residents.
  • The Shelters will be staffed by Chatham County personnel with Chatham County Sheriff’s Office staff for security.
  • There is the potential for downed energized power lines. At NO TIME will any town personnel take any unnecessary risk. Duke Energy should be notified immediately and all staff should follow all proper safety precautions.
Emergency Contact List
On-Call Utilities:  (919) 548-3797
Water Plant:  (919) 542-2530
Police Department  – 911
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