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by Ann Fitts

When it comes to professional services, Chatham Business Services has been holding its own in downtown Pittsboro for over eight years. Providing notary services, papers warm from the printer, and thoughtful assistance are just a few of the goods and services offered by owner Heather Johnson. While celebrating her business’s recent anniversary, Johnson shared what she enjoys about operating a business in downtown Pittsboro.

What makes your business special? What do you specialize in? What’s your niche?
At Chatham Business Services we know your name. We provide services on the spot and with care. We specialize in custom print and copy needs, with a focus on quality and helping our customers to make the most of their projects.

What impact does your business have on the community?
Chatham Business Services has many years of participating in community service projects and offer special pricing for non-profits. We are enthusiastic about supporting other businesses in Pittsboro and Chatham by bringing awareness to all on Facebook, and through community events, and business associations. Our customers are diverse. We serve everyone from the mom printing fun activity sheets for her kids to local churches to corporate business presentations.

What do you like about working in Pittsboro?
Absolutely the people! Chatham Business Services is a community hub and I am excited to go to the office every single day. My children have grown up in the office and run it now on their own when I am away at meetings. They have learned a great deal about working with others, as well as compassion, and patience. Pittsboro is a great place to have a family business.

Tell us your favorite person, place and/or time of year or event in Pittsboro?
Pittsboro is a place where everyone knows your name. My favorite person in Pittsboro…that is a hard one to answer. But my mentors in society and business are Cindy Perry and Pam Smith, absolutely. My favorite time of year and favorite event is the Christmas Tree Lighting, hosted by the Pittsboro Business Association. I drive along with Uncle Bob of Huckleberry Farm to bring the tree back to town and I get a sister tree that goes in my office at that time. It is a really special time for all of us who work hard to bring this unifying community event to town. My adult son who has autism has been a part of the tree lighting every year and it’s inspiring to watch him participate in such a big event in a small way that means the world to him.

What business in the Main Street District of Pittsboro do you enjoy? Why?
This is easy, Circle City Books is special to our family because my girls are big readers. Deep River Mercantile has perfect decorative items for my home and office—great gifts and gift wrapping too. Tommy Edwards shop has unique items I could never find anywhere else. Once I found something perfect and didn’t have cash. Tommy let me take it on the honor system. Who else does that?! Postal Fish Company is my favorite high-end wine and dinner pairing restaurant, where they know what I like. I will take anything wood-roasted there. Vino!! Wine Shop is run by a family near and dear to me. I like the attention they pay to what my preferences are. M2 Graphics and I have always enjoyed a special partnership of referring customers to each other. I love that I don’t have to leave town to find something to wear for date night or a weekend trip to the beach. And I get a t-shirt for every occasion from there.

Where will your business be in 5 years? What do you see when you think about the future of downtown Pittsboro?
I feel blessed that Chatham Business Services is included in the planning for South of the Courthouse area (“SoCo”). The developer is local and has included us in the planning every step of the way. This provides me with the opportunity to continue to be a community hub and connection place, not just a “print shop.”

Chatham Business Services
20 Sanford Road
Pittsboro, NC 27312
Open Mondays through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and otherwise by appointment. Orders can be placed by sending your request via email to
or walk-ins are welcome.

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