Grocery Stores or Farmers’ Markets?

by Main Street Pittsboro

What is your favorite place to shop – grocery stores or farmers’ markets? The way you answer that will depend mainly on where you live and your lifestyle. Some enjoy the convenience of going to a large grocery store where everything they need for the week’s meal preparations is right there. Others appreciate the journey of going from one vendor to the next, with each specializing in one food type. Shopping is an experience instead of a means to an end.

Most of us do a bit of both types of shopping. We might enjoy the convenience of grocery stores for the bulk of our shopping but will seek out a butcher shop for a particular cut of meat or a farmers’ market for fresh local vegetables. When you are fortunate enough to live in a community such as Pittsboro, North Carolina, you have no shortage of choices for great food for your home or your restaurant. The Chatham Mills Farmers’ Market and the Pittsboro Farmers’ Market are great places to go for local meats and poultry, fresh produce, plants, baked goods, crafts, and much more.

Main Street Pittsboro is committed to keeping our community the wonderful place we know it to be. We want to preserve our wonderful community’s historic character while supporting local businesses, including grocery stores and farmers’ markets, that we all love. We have several program goals to promote local history and sustainability while increasing foot traffic downtown. If you would like to help, let us know!

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