The Great Pittsboro Slogan Contest

by Lesley Landis

What is Pittsboro and why would people come here? We decided the people of Pittsboro could tell us.

In late September, Main Street Pittsboro called on the wisdom and creativity of locals to submit their ideas for a slogan in a contest.

Thinking of succinct ways to describe what makes Pittsboro unique was a tall order. Downtown Pittsboro is a unique blend of old and new. A town steeped in a rich history and on the edge of tremendous growth. It’s home to artists, farmers, innovators, retirees, and travelers. Fortunately, a lot of people were game to put their noodles to it.

About 70 ideas were submitted from our Twitter account, and Facebook page. We heard slogan ideas while we staffed our booth at the Pittsboro Street Fair and got slogans mailed on postcards to our mailbox (thanks for the beautiful postcard from Arcadia National Park!) as well as from the postcards that we distributed to different shops around town.

The contest really captured the imaginations of a lot of folks. Selecting one was a challenge. But we found one that is adaptable to a variety of applications:

“Find it in Pittsboro.”

The slogan works for specific items like pieces of art, coffee drinks, mid-century modern furniture or general lifestyle choices like professions, faiths, and free-time options, as well as concepts and ideas like periods of time and areas of interest.

For example…

“If you’re looking for a place with award-winning parks and recreational opportunities, you’ll…Find it in Pittsboro.”

“Searching for a community with a fascinating history and modern amenities, too? Find it in Pittsboro.”

“Want a home where all faiths, races, and orientations are welcome? Find it in Pittsboro.”

“Looking for a walkable small town with an artsy vibe? Find it in Pittsboro.”

“As folks list holiday or every day needs – whether they’re social outings, dining options, gift shopping, banking, legal work, or other services – Find it in Pittsboro.”

The winning submission from Jamie Fiocco was announced on Sunday, November 19th during the launch of Holly Days presented by the Pittsboro Merchants Association and just prior to the Tree Lighting.  Ms. Fiocco, a resident of the Pittsboro historic district, received a gift basket from French Connections that included items from Tommy Edwards at Redgate Antiques, Eric Braun, Circle City Books & Music, The City Tap, Liquidambar Gallery & Gifts, Reclamation Home Furnishings, and Pittsboro Toys.

Main Street Pittsboro appreciates the retailers who donated gifts and all the people who brought their wordsmithed best to participate in the contest.

What do you go to Pittsboro to find? Tell us in the comments below. Meanwhile, be sure to use our slogan when you refer to Pittsboro #finditinpittsboro

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