Around Pittsboro: Unique Tastes of Downtown

by Jamie Nunnelly

Downtown Pittsboro has a plethora of wonderful finds for any foodie. With several dozen organic family farms just down the road, Pittsboro chefs were dabbling in the farm to table movement before it became a trend.

Seafood lovers relish the new Postal Fish Company for many of its fresh-from-the-coast fish specials. The smoked fish spread has a wonderful smoky flavor and just the right amount of saltiness to make this a very addictive appetizer. It is served with fried saltines, which may sound odd, but they taste a little like a homemade tortilla chip. It makes an excellent accompaniment to the fish dip. Fish dishes and sides change depending on what is in season.

Postal Fish

There are several excellent Italian restaurants in town. Elizabeth’s Pizza offers traditional Sicilian pizzas at affordable prices. Try the White Style pizza to get a fresh taste of broccoli, tomatoes and garlic topped with ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. Little John’s Italian Restaurant has some excellent pasta dishes in addition to pizzas. The chicken broccoli pasta dish is loaded with flavor. Lots of garlic and a hint of white wine are infused in the cream sauce. Portions are large enough that often people can take some home and eat it for another meal. One of the best places in not only Pittsboro but the Triangle region, for a wood-fired pizza is Modern Life Deli. The crust is thin and crunchy with lots of creative topping combinations. Try the roasted artichoke pizza with spinach, tomatoes and lots of garlic.

Elizabeth’s PIzza. (Photo by Bett Wilson Foley)

Ice cream lovers must go to S&T’s Soda Shoppe. The owners of this restaurant painstakingly renovated the space to look like an old-fashioned soda shop, including moving fixtures from an old pharmacy in Mebane, NC. One scoop of ice cream is equal what most people would consider several scoops of ice cream. The burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches are all fresh and delicious and are very affordable.

Enjoy one-of-a-kind breakfast and lunch dishes at the Small Café, the restaurant located at the Small Street Bed and Breakfast. Owners Lisa Piper and Dave Clark change the menu daily, depending on what local farmers are harvesting at the time. One item that is typically on the menu is the lemon ricotta hotcakes. These thin, delicate pancakes are served with a generous portion of powdered sugar. They are light and lemony flavored. Many of the egg dishes at the Small B & B Café are served with smashed potatoes for those looking for a more filling dish.

Another great place for brunch is Virlie’s Grille. There are a plethora of great breakfast dishes from omelets, to pancakes, bacon and hash browns. People with big appetites should try the loaded hash browns. The hash browns are served with eggs, bacon or sausage, peppers, onions, cheese, and sour cream.

Pittsboro has a unique Greek farm-to-table restaurant just a few blocks west of the circle. Angelina’s Kitchen has been offering fresh Greek treats to the delight of residents for over a decade. In addition to excellent gyro sandwiches, and falafel pita sandwiches, Angelina’s makes great rice bowls that begin with a large scoop of brown rice and are topped with whatever vegetables or meat are fresh that day.

The Pittsboro Roadhouse is a great place to have lunch or dinner and enjoy some entertainment. The Roadhouse has a restaurant in the front and a large bar and live music venue in the back of the establishment. Foodies might enjoy the fried green tomato sandwich, with fried green tomatoes, roasted red peppers served with an avocado spread on wheat bread.

While City Tap may be best known as a good place to get a drink, including local beer and cider on tap, it also serves great salads and sandwiches. Many of its specials are a good bet. One of the recent specials was a corned beef slider, served with cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers, red onions, pickles and a bit of mustard on pita bread.

The City Tap

Food Options in the Main Street District

Angelina’s Kitchen is located at 23 Rectory Street.
Open: Monday–Friday from 11am–3pm.

City Tap is located at 89 Hillsboro Street.
Open: Monday from 11 am–10pm; Tuesday–Thursday from 11am–11pm; Friday from 11am–1am; Saturday from Noon–Midnight and Sunday from Noon–9pm.

Elizabeth’s Pizza is located at 160 Hillsboro Street.
Open: Sunday–Thursday from 11am–9pm; and Friday and Saturday from 11am–10pm.

John’s Italian Pizza Restaurant is located at 122 Sanford Road.
Open: Monday –Thursday and Saturdays from 11am–9pm; from 11am–10pm on Fridays and from 11am–8pm on Sundays.

Modern Life Deli is located at 46 Sanford Road.
Open: Tuesday–Saturday from 11am–9:30pm and on Sunday from Noon–8pm.

Pittsboro Roadhouse is located at 39 West Street.
Open: Monday –Thursday from 11am–9pm; and on Friday and Saturday from 11am–10pm.

Postal Fish Company is located at 75 West Salisbury Street.
Open: Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm–9pm; Thursday–Saturday from 11am–2pm for lunch and
5pm–10pm for dinner; and Sunday from 11am–2pm.

S&T’s Soda Shoppe is located at 85 Hillsboro Street.
Open: 11am–7:30pm Tuesday–Saturday and is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Small Café is located at 219 East Street.
Open: Wednesday–Saturday from 7:30am–2pm and Sunday from 9am–2pm.

Virlie’s Grill is located at 58 Hillsboro Street.
Open: Monday–Friday from 6am–9pm; Saturday from 7am–Noon and Sunday from 8am–Noon.


What’s your go-to Pittsboro restaurant and your favorite thing to eat there?
What other restaurant options would you like to see in the Circle City?

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  1. Tammy January 1, 2019 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    City tap and The Roadhouse!!!!
    I would love to see the local coffee shops covered including Blue Dot and
    Sweet Bee Caffe!

    • Main Street Pittsboro January 6, 2019 at 5:02 pm - Reply

      Good idea! We’ll put a beverage tour of the Main Street District on our long list of topics. By the way, we welcome guest blog writers! Go to our website and click on “Join Our Circle” or leave a comment here.

  2. Peter Kinberger June 25, 2019 at 2:18 am - Reply

    John’s Pizza is the best pizza in the entire area and maybe the best in the entire Triangle Area. I love pizza and acquired a taste for it in NYC, where I once lived for a time. I rate pizzas according to that benchmark standard. The flavor of the true bread crust is simply outstanding. The sauce is perfect. The quality of the cheese is very high and not some cheap imitation you get at some places. The toppings are generous and fresh. Excellent pastas and side dishes. Super generous fresh green salads. I is well worth a visit for true pizza lovers and those who miss New York Pizza. I have become a regular patron and have nothing but good to say for this informal dining experience. I leave big tips to the waitresses and cooks because they work very hard to get my food right and ensure my happiness with the meal. I never run out of drink. The cooks make certain my pizza is assembled properly and that my food is perfectly cooked. I recommend their steak subs or strombolis’ for the hardy sandwich person. I love their pasta dishes and salads. Try their spicy fried pickles, they are outstanding and different. You will not be disappointed.

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