Historic Pittsboro: The Mathiesen Clinic

by Francis DiNardo

Pittsboro residents and visitors can choose from several excellent facilities to seek medical treatment. There are doctor's offices, an Urgent Care facility, the nearby UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill and Siler City, or you can walk into the Mathiesen Clinic in downtown Pittsboro. Oh wait…that's wrong…the Mathiesen Clinic closed in 1974. Dr. K.M. Mathiesen [...]

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Let’s Get Cozy for National Napping Day

by Alyssa Byrd

Brace yourselves, friends: Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend. No, it’s not the fun time of the year where we get an extra hour. On Sunday 3/10, our clocks move ahead one hour and we lose some coveted zzz’s. Never fear, we have good news! National Napping Day – held annually on the Monday after [...]

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